Marine Tourism Lamongan (WBL) Ancol Mini In Lamongan

This place used to be known as Tanjung Kodok. So called because of the rock-shaped frog on the seafront. Each year this place is also used as the location of observation hilal (new moon) 1 Syawal to determine the arrival of Idul Fitri holidays.

Since 2004, Tanjung Kodok has been transformed into one of the largest tourist attractions in East Java that carries the concept of a blend of Jatim Park located in Batu, Malang and also Ancol in Jakarta. The location is very strategic, located on Jalan Raya Daendales, Paciran, Lamongan.

WBL Lamongan

Can be reached with a distance of about 60 km from the city of Surabaya and about 35 km from the city of Tuban. In addition to using private vehicles, visitors can also use public transportation that many pass. From Surabaya, visitors can come here by the green mini bus from Terminal Osowilangun.

This 11-hectare resort offers a ticket of 50,000 IDR on weekdays (Monday - Thursday), and Rp 65,000 on weekends (Friday - Sunday). Most of the rides here are reserved for children and teenagers.


The first time we get inside, the rides that will attract attention are the three-dimensional cinema. In this place every day rotated three-dimensional films vary with a duration of about 15 minutes.

The next vehicle worth trying is a ghost hospital. Here visitors can test the guts with some ghosts and horror rooms typical of the hospital.


Children who like extreme sports can visit the gokart arena that offers a track like a racecourse with security that inhabit of course.

Greenhouse no less interesting. Once inside, visitors will be confused to find a way out of the room in the form of this glass maze.


If you are challenged by an ardenalin spacecraft, you can try the jet coaster sensation with a fast train and extreme trajectory, a 180 degrees ranger in the air, or a drop zone that will drop visitors rising from a height above ten meters.

Who likes to play water can swim in the pool. This pool is divided into two, namely the pool for children and for adults. But it will be more exciting actually if before swimming, you go to the water park. Tortuous roads that are surrounded by grass walls with a hidden water spray will make you soaking wet out.

Want to see the collection of dolls with the concept of one thousand and one night ala Ali Baba which brought directly from India? You can visit the dollhouse. From this dollhouse, you can enter the cat house that showcased various types of beautiful cats from different parts of the world.

If curious to see the crescent moon that I mentioned earlier, you can go directly to the old tower on the seafront. However, unfortunately visitors are not allowed to climb to the top of the tower, so can only see from a distance of about ten meters from the tower.

In addition to some of the above rides, visitors can also enjoy approximately 60 other rides in the tour is open from 08:30 to 16:30 pm. To be able to try one by one existing rides, it takes at least a full day.

Once tired of traveling around, does not fit if you do not buy souvenirs or looking for food or drink typical Paciran. To buy souvenirs, you can come to the shops in the area of ​​this place, ranging from clothing to various trinkets typical Lamongan.

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