History of Soto Lamongan Chicken

Soto Lamongan is a typical dish of chicken soup from Lamongan, East Java. Soto this one is very distinctive and different from other soto, both in terms of presentation and taste. Soto Lamongan is one of the traditional food of Lamongan which is very famous for its delicious. Not only in its own region, but also a very famous cuisine in Indonesia.

History of Soto Lamongan Chicken
Soto Lamongan

Privileges Soto Lamongan

Soto Lamongan is slightly different from other soto. One characteristic of this Lamongan Soto lies in the powder of crackers of shrimp which is often called Poya. If the Poya powder is mixed with the gravy it will produce a savory taste typical of this Soto Lamongan. in addition to taste delicious, aroma Soto Lamongan is also very tempting.

Processing And Presentation Of Soto Lamongan

The process of making Soto Lamongan is almost the same as soto in general. But the chicken used is the chicken meat of choice, so as to produce a tasty and tender chicken flavor. For sauce from Soto Lamongan is made from special spices with various spices that make a very strong gravy. In addition, the sauce also uses the original chicken broth as a flavor. In the presentation, Soto Lamongan is served with rice and other additional ingredients such as chicken meat suwiran, sliced ​​cabbage, tomato, spring onion, rice noodle and chicken egg slices in a bowl. Then flush with soto sauce and scattered Poya and fried onions. In addition there are also adds such as chicken claws, chicken skin, chicken wings and fries as a complement. For flavor enhancer Soto Lamongan can be added such as sambal, lime and soy sauce.

Taste of Soto Lamongan taste

Soto Lamongan has a tasty taste and a clear gravy with chicken flavor that is very pronounced so it becomes its own specialties on this Lamongan Soto. Not forgetting also Poya powder mix that makes Soto Lamongan is increasingly feel delicious. Also supported with the contents of soup such as chicken meat, leek, eggs and other ingredients make Soto Lamongan is very rich in taste.

Culinary Place Soto Lamongan

Soto Lamongan is a famous traditional food and become one of the culinary icon in Lamongan, East Java. In Lamongan itself, this food is very easy to find, because of the many stalls that peddle this one menu. Because of its unique taste, Soto Lamongan has also spread in various places in Indonesia. So for those of you who are outside the city of Lamongan not need far - away to come there to enjoy this one meal. But if you visit or travel to Lamongan certainly less complete if you do not feel the original taste of this Lamongan Soto. The introduction of "Soto Lamongan Traditional Food From Lamongan, East Java". Hopefully useful and add to your knowledge about traditional culinary in Indonesia.

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